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  • Garnishment creditors can take 25% of your wages until the garnishment is paid in full.
  • Garnishment creditors can take 100% of the funds in any bank account your name is on. Note: A joint account holder can claim ownership of some of the funds but a hearing may be required.
  • Garnishment creditors don't actually receive the garnishment money until the garnishment hearing date.  If you act before that date by getting an attorney you may be able to get some of the funds back.
  • Creditors cannot garnish retirement, disability, child support, etc.
  • They can garnish retirement, disability, child support if you commingle it with other unprotected funds such as savings or wages.
  • Garnishments occur in cycles, generally between 90 to 180 days.  At the end of each cycle, which is marked by a court hearing date, the creditor most resubmit to the court to resume the garnishment.
  • The Virginia homestead exemptions (see can recover garnished funds but it is limited and it will not stop the continued garnishment.
  • An experienced attorney is the best way to halt a garnishment in Virginia and recover the lost funds.